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Farm Animals

Animal Welfare Standards

View our latest 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program animal welfare standards for beef cattle, broiler chickens, pigs, turkey, sheep, goat, and bison.

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Farm Animal Welfare

At Global Animal Partnership we focus on improving farm animals' quality of life through health, behavior, and positive experiences.

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The 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program

The 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program promotes and facilitates continuous improvement in animal agriculture, encourages welfare-friendly farming practices, and informs consumers about the animal farming systems they choose to support.

5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program Steps

5-Step® Process

Learn about the rigorous process of development, review, and revision that goes into making our farm animal welfare standards.

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5-Step® Certification

Learn how to get certified under the 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program through independent, third-party audits.

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Browse 5-Step® Partners

Farmers & Ranchers

Global Animal Partnership teams up with farmers and ranchers that are committed to providing the best possible life for their animals and bringing higher quality step-rated meat to consumers.

Product Suppliers

Our Labeled Product Authorization (LPA) Program offers consumers a wide variety of retail-ready, step-rated meat products certified under the 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program. Look for the label next time you shop!

Retailers & Foodservice

Global Animal Partnership brings the transparency customers are looking for! Partner up us to help drive sales, improve farm animal welfare, and change the industry at the same time!

Farm Animal Welfare

By choosing to support higher welfare farmers and ranchers, we can collectively make a significant difference in the lives of millions of animals.


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Find out how to participate whether you're a consumer, farmer, or retailer. Your support allows us to support continuous improvement in farm animal agriculture!

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