Global Animal Partnership takes the development of our standards very seriously. All of our standards for each species go through a comprehensive and meticulous development process in order to provide fair and reliable animal-welfare standards.

Our collaboratively written standards bring together farmers, ranchers, animal scientists and advocates in order to provide a multitude of perspectives and ideas to achieve the common goal of increased animal welfare.

The 5-Step® Animal Welfare Program Process


Research & Development

Scientists, farmers, and auditors gather information from experience, peer-reviewed research, and geographic variables to begin to create a draft of species-specific standards.



Each set of species-specific animal welfare standards is iteratively reviewed by multiple professionals and may go through the review process multiple times.



An initial draft is posted for public review, comments, and feedback. This step opens dialogue and provides us with ideas and perspectives that may have been missed.



A revised draft is authored and reviewed to ensure all concerns have been acknowledged. Each set of animal welfare standards may be revised for multiple periods before a final draft is submitted to the GAP Board for approval.

As an informed consumer, company, brand, farmer, or rancher, you can change the face of animal agriculture. Join us in shifting the food industry to be more animal welfare conscious and GAP 5-Step Rated.

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