Boulder Natural Meats
5-Step Rating

Boulder Natural Meats

Boulder Natural Meats is a Step 5 broiler chicken producer based in Denver, CO. We are a Colorado family owned and operated Poultry processing company in business since 1985.

Boulder Natural Meats

We like the fact that the Step 5 Program sets a standard by which we can follow as farmers and the consumer can trust. So many of the consumers get confused by the label programs that are put on packages today (i.e. mostly marketing hype) and this is a get program that helps the consumer know what they are buying with none of the hype, just the facts.

In 2012 Boulder Natural meats made a commitment to quality and embraced the need for a local poultry supplier. We began partnering with local family farmers to bring customers the only Colorado raised and processed chickens, creating one of the first farm to fork concepts in Colorado. Boulder Natural Meats increased the quality in the market by raising, and harvesting poultry in Colorado, shortening the time it takes to get from the farm to your table by minimizing transportation time. In 2014 we started raising our pasture raised, GAP 5 Broiler chickens that can now be purchased in all Rocky Mountain region Whole Food Store

Product Step Rating
Strip Steak 4
Top Sirloin Medallions 4
Top Round London 4
Top Round Steak
Chuck Shoulder Steak 4
Sirloin Tip Steak 4
Bottom Round Steak 4
Bottom Round Steak Tenderized 4
Chuck Roast 4
Rump Roast 4
Stew Meat 4
Chuck Shoulder Roast 4
Cube Steaks 4
Silver Side Tip Steaks 4
Stir Fry 4
Extra Lean Diced Beef 4
Boneless Short Ribs 4
Denver Steaks 4
Boneless Pork Loin Chops 1
Boneless Pork Chops Butterflied 1
Boneless Thin Cut Pork Chops 1
Extra Lean Diced Pork 1
Bacon Cheddar Beef Burgers 1
Chipotle Cheese Beef Burgers 4
Cowboy Burgers 4
Hatch Green Chili Burger 4
Smoked Salt & Bali Pepper Burger 4
Bloody Mary Green Olive Burger
Bloody Mary Green Olive Burger 4
Country Sage Breakfast Sausage 4
Beef Meatloaf with Sweet Potatoes 4
Beef Satay Sirloin 4
Beef Kabob with Vegetables 4
Pork Satay 1
Pork Kabob with Vegetable 1
Pork Chorizo 1
Hot Italian Sausage 1
Mild Italian Sausage 1
Beer Brat 4
Hot Italian Beef Sausage 4

As an informed consumer, company, brand, farmer, or rancher, you can change the face of animal agriculture. Join us in shifting the food industry to be more animal welfare conscious and GAP 5-Step Rated.

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