Global Animal Partnership has the pleasure of working with many great companies in order to bring products raised to high animal welfare standards to the consumer through our Labeled Product Authorization (LPA) Program.

The program offers consumers a wide variety of retail-ready products with meat ingredients certified under the GAP 5-Step Animal Welfare Program. The products are clearly labeled with a Step-rating, making it simple for customers to make informed choices. We continue to engage more producers daily to help us drive change and raise awareness for farm animal welfare! With the 5-Step label, producers can offer a deeper transparency to products; open new doors for markets looking to sell animal welfare certified and labeled products; and be recognized for committing to better animal production systems.

As an informed consumer, company, brand, farmer, or rancher, you can change the face of animal agriculture. Join us in shifting the food industry to be more animal welfare conscious and GAP 5-Step Rated.

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