Larry Schultz of Larry Schultz Organic Farm

Published Jun 14

“I’ve spent my entire life on a farm. I’ve lived at my farm for 22 years. I grew up on my dad’s farm which is one mile down the road.

I have farmed organically all my life. My parents’ farm has never been farmed conventionally. In 2000, I started raising organic turkeys. I have always raised organic egg laying chickens, organic crops for the animals, and I have sold eggs to stores since 1992. Before then, I helped my parents with their farm work.

I’ve always taken care of my animals the best way I know how to: keeping them from harm, giving them the natural conditions that the animal should be in, protecting them from bad weather, from themselves, and other animals. I farm the old fashioned way with modern tools. What I enjoy the most every day is when I open the door to the turkey barn in the morning, and the birds all run out to where they are going to spend the better part of their day. I take care of them the best I can, in the most natural way I can.

When I learned about Global Animal Partnership, I was eager to participate in this new, innovative program for farmers. In 2012, I went through the 5-Step Program certification process for the first time and earned a Step 3 rating.

I see the value of the 5-Step Program and how it is making a distinction of how farmers and ranchers are raising their animals, which is no easy task by any means. What I like is that GAP is constantly taking steps to improve its standards for turkeys in a realistic and practical way.

The best part of the 5-Step Program is the marketing opportunities. The program labels give distinction to how the animals are raised. This helps me distinguish my products in an important and educational way.

I will continue to do what I do—even if there were no such thing as organic and no such thing as a 5-Step rating. I farm this way because it positively impacts the customers eating the final product, myself and my children working with the animals, and I can sleep with a calm heart knowing I did my best.”

As an informed consumer, company, brand, farmer, or rancher, you can change the face of animal agriculture. Join us in shifting the food industry to be more animal welfare conscious and GAP 5-Step Rated.

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