Frances Flower, Standards and Certification Manager

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A native Brit, Frances currently works as GAP’s Standards & Certification Manager, developing and writing standards for the 5-Step® Program as well as providing Program support and advice to farmers and ranchers. She received her doctorate in Animal Welfare Science in 2006 from UBC on dairy cattle lameness and for the last 10 years she has been working with beef, pig, chicken, turkey, bison, sheep and goats farmers specializing in high welfare livestock management. She cares about how farm animals are raised and is proud to partner with our amazing 5-Step® farmers and ranchers. Living in Austin, TX with her husband and border collie Sparky, she enjoys hiking, sewing, and volunteering for a local animal non-profit org. She also loves to garden which is very fitting given her last name!


As an informed consumer, company, brand, farmer, or rancher, you can change the face of animal agriculture. Join us in shifting the food industry to be more animal welfare conscious and GAP 5-Step Rated.

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