The power each one of us wields with our food dollars is amazing.
At every meal, we can help move food business in directions that speak to our interests—whether in farmer advocacy, food safety, environmental protection, human health, rural sustainability, or animal welfare.

Concern for the treatment of animals in agriculture continues to grow. A quick online query for “farm animal welfare” brings up an incredible 302,000 listings in a popular search engine and 124 books sold through a leading U.S. internet reseller. Surveys conducted across the United States tell us that 95% of Americans say that how farm animals are cared for is important to them and 76% believe that the well-being of farm animals is more important than low meat prices.

For those of us who want to support agricultural practices that benefit animals and farmers alike, we can trust in the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards label.

With the conclusion of our exclusive pilot program with Whole Foods Market, chicken, pork, turkey, and beef products sold in their stores now inform consumers how those animals were raised. New partners, including Roots Market, are already offering Step-rated products to their customers and we’re in exciting discussions with other North American retailers, both restaurant companies and grocers, and will soon be reaching out to partners beyond.

Look for the distinctive 5-Step labels and vote for higher welfare farming at every meal.
Learn more about farm animal welfare and how the well-being of animals in agriculture is being prioritized around the world.