Make a difference in Farm Animal Welfare

Global Animal Partnership is using the power of the informed consumer and the socially conscious movements in the retail and foodservice marketplace to bring about greater positive change in animal agriculture.

The power each one of us commands as an informed consumer is amazing. We can literally shift the food industry by voting with how we spend our money—whether in regard to supporting farm and farmer advocacy, food safety, environmental protection, human health, supporting rural communities, and animal welfare. By purchasing GAP Step-rated products, you can improve farm animal welfare.

Join the 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program

Farmers & Ranchers

GAP partners with farmers and ranchers that are committed to providing the best possible life for their animals and bringing higher quality meat to consumers.

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Product Suppliers

Our Labeled Product Authorization Program offers consumers a wide variety of retail-ready products with meat ingredients certified under the 5-Step Program.

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Retailers & Foodservice

The 5-Step Program brings the transparency customers are looking for! Partner up with GAP to drive sales and change the industry at the same time!

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