Become a 5-Step® Farmer & Rancher

Global Animal Partnership partners with farmers and ranchers that are committed to providing the best possible life for their animals. With the ever-present challenges in farming and the rapid growth in demand for welfare-friendly products, the need to be recognized for good management practices that address animal welfare is more important than ever.

With the Global Animal Partnership 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program, farmers and ranchers will be recognized for their commitment to farm animals and will also have the opportunity to market their products to restaurants, grocers, and other companies looking for GAP 5-Step-rated products. Our program encourages and supports farmers and ranchers to move up the animal welfare ladder while providing a deeper transparency to consumers on animal production systems.

Join the movement – be a part of our respected group of 5-Step® Farmers and Ranchers! If you’re interested in becoming a Step-rated farmer or rancher, please contact the certifiers for price quotes and to schedule your audit!

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