As the standard-setter, Global Animal Partnership does not conduct audits nor make Step-rating certification decisions.

Authorized independent, third-party certification companies assess compliance of operations with our 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards. These independent certifiers, with trained and ratified auditors, perform the audits and issue Step certificates, as appropriate.

By requiring independent certification, we can be confident that Step ratings are fair, accurate, and free of any conflict of interest.

Below are the certification companies authorized to audit and certify to our program:

EarthClaims LLC
Washington, DC > T: 202.596.5592 >

Where Food Comes From, Inc., dba IMI Global
221 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104 > T: 303.895.3002 >

AUS-MEAT Limited (in Australia and New Zealand; for beef cattle only)
PO Box 3403, Tingalpa, QLD 4172, Australia > T: +61 (07) 3361 9200 > F: +61 (07) 3361 9222 >

Meet the Certifiers

  • Interview with IMI certifier Kelly Crymble
  • Interview with EarthClaims certifier Wendy Southworth
  • Interview with AUS-MEAT certifier Malcolm King

  • NOTE: As of April 1, 2013, Steritech no longer conducts certification services, including 5-Step auditing and certification.